Quarterback Camp Key Benefits and Expectations


  • Intense two-day experience in “The Art and Science of Passing Techniques.”
  • The proper fundamentals of stance, snap technique and Center/Quarterback exchange.
  • Discipline execution of footwork: one-step, three-step drop, five-step drop, sprint-out, boot-leg, play-action, screen, draw and gun.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the proper mechanics of throwing the football.
  • Proper passing mechanics: grip, body position, throwing motion, problems, release, QB flight problems and solutions.
  • Learn drills and exercises that will enhance a Quarterback’s throwing ability.
  • Throw with more power.
  • Throwing with greater accuracy.
  • Proper and quicker footwork mechanics.
  • Movement in the pocket and stepping up to throw.
  • Core (abdominals, obliques, hip flexers & lower back) strength work-out for QB’s.
  • Rotator-cuff, wrist, elbow and grip strength work-out for Quarterbacks.
  • Ball security, 3rd hand, recovering a fumble
  • Quick release drills.
  • Throwing deep with accuracy.
  • Leadership in the huddle.
  • Building hand dexterity.
  • Throwing tighter and consistent spirals.
  • Throwing on the move.
  • Escapes and scrambling techniques.
  • Time-tested effective drills for developing proper passing mechanics.
  • No Camp provides the footwork training that Alamo City Quarterback Camp stresses.
  • Motivational lectures concerning “Accepting the Risk of Leadership at the Quarterback Position.”
  • Detailed instruction on recognizing coverages & fronts.
  • Defensive recognition through “pre” and “post-snap” reads will be emphasized and drilled.
  • Time management in a game.
  • Mental aggressiveness and assertiveness in leadership.
  • Designed for the athlete that wants to play football’s most demanding and exciting position.


  • Expect and be ready, to really, really WORK … not play games.
  • Spend the majority of their time on the field in throwing and drill rotation.
  • Grouped according to their age, skill, and experience.
  • Your improvement these next two days will be a by-product of hard work on your part.
  • The basic fundamentals will be stressed and practiced repeatedly until they become second nature … where under game conditions … will become automatically.

Coach Daniel Aguilar, Alamo City Quarterback Camp’s founder and director

Coach Daniel Aguilar, Alamo City Quarterback Camp’s founder and director

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Alamo City Quarterback Camp Key Benefits