Quarterback Camp Rules

Quarterbacks should read and understand these Quarterback camp rules before attending camp.

  • Respect other participants, instructors, facilities, and equipment.
  • Always listen to coaches or speakers. Show consideration when a coach or others are speaking.
  • Teasing and put-downs are not tolerated at Camp.
  • Use appropriate language … No profanity.
  • Stay with your group.
  • No littering … keep the Camp area clean … throw your trash away.
  • No gameboys, CD Players, iPods, MP3 players, or Handheld gaming devices.
  • Cell phone use is only allowed before and after Camp hours.
  • Do not leave campus until pick-up time.
  • No pets may be brought to Camp.
  • No drugs, tobacco, or alcohol permitted at any time.
  • Never leave assigned activity areas without permission from staff.
  • Please think before you act … don’t horse around or do anything that could endanger yourself or another individual.
  • Any other rules specific to the Alamo City Quarterback Camp will be discussed at Camp.


  • In order to provide a pleasant environment and to ensure the safety of our campers and staff … disruptive, destructive and/or dangerous behavior by campers is not allowed. Such behavior will result in the camper being dismissed immediately from the Camp. When a participant is dismissed from Camp for unacceptable behavior … there will be NO REFUND.

Alamo City Quarterback Camp Rules

Alamo City Quarterback Camp Rules