Quote from Coach Aguilar



  • Designed for Quarterbacks entering their 7th grade through their senior years.
  • Not the ordinary Camp … it’s a “hard working environment” fixed on preparing each camper for the upcoming season.
  • Committed to enhancing both knowledge and performance.
  • Instruction delivered with passion and intensity.
  • Dedicated to providing maximum and productive repetitions.
  • Quarterbacks’ Parents Are Welcome And Encouraged To Attend!
  • Flight problems and solutions.
  • Compare the work schedule … there is absolutely no “free time”.
  • This is a specialty Camp where Quarterbacks will be the only participants.
  • Each Quarterback is assured, regardless of skill level … that he will receive attention, reps, encouragement, confidence building fundamentals and the opportunity to improve without favoritism.
  • Your son will not feel neglected … we are committed to helping each and every Quarterback to improve.
  • Builds Quarterbacks who recognize and solve flight problems.
  • Will cover the details of the position … both skills and intangibles involved in playing the Quarterback position.
  • Up to 14 hours of individual instruction and practice.
  • Analysis on each Quarterback’s strengths … while identifying areas needing improvement.
  • Maximum positive repetitions for ALL QUARTERBACKS.
  • Our Camp is first and foremost … a TEACHING CAMP.
  • We are serious and committed to teaching and developing individual skills through knowledge and repetition.
  • Excellent opportunity for FAMILY … to observe and experience Camp with their sons/quarterbacks.
  • Includes an in-depth and comprehensive approach to the most up-to-date fundamentals, skill techniques, and drills used at the highest levels of football.
  • All classroom sessions will be followed by player participation field-sessions.
  • Most personalized and specialized training techniques for Quarterbacks.
  • There are many other smarter coaches than me … but, in most cases “Fall Team Practices” can’t allocate the individualized attention and concentration in the development of the Quarterback mechanics.

Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"Coach Aguilar's knowledge of Quarterback training mechanics, as well as so many of the little things we take for granted are simply awesome!"

Juan Castillo, Offensive Line Coach - Philadelphia Eagles