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QB Total Body Workout

  • If you want to last as a quarterback … you’ll need to do some “total-body training” to develop overall strength and increase your durability. You’ll need to find the time for all of this … but, don’t sacrifice throwing time for an extra hour in the weight room. Weight training is important … but, throwing is critical. Focus on a weight that allows you to lift smoothly and cleanly … then add weight as you get stronger. Never sacrifice technique at the expense of more weight.
  • All of my quarterback weight training schedules work on total-body strength and development.
  • Weight training reduces the chance of an injury taking place and increases the quarterback’s efficiency to throw the football.
  • My routines include the chest, shoulders, triceps, upper back, quads, hamstrings, biceps, and calves. It also includes the core structure that comprises of the abdominals, obliques, hip flexors and lower back.
  • Find a partner with the same work-ethic, drive and loyalty that you radiate.
  • Avoid distractions and pay close attention to your partner ... while letting him know what rep he is on.
  • Assist your partner in completing an exercise by providing "just enough" force for the lifter to raise the weight during muscle fatigue.
  • Provide the minimum effort required to help your partner safely raise the weight … MAKE HIM WORK!!!
  • Spot during the "lifting" phase of the movement.
  • Provide a minimal spot during the "returning" phase.
  • Remember the upward part of the lift may be assisted, and the spotter only needs to be applying enough force to help keep the bar moving slowly.
  • Strive to surpass your max.
  • Finish high intensity workout within 40 minutes.
  • You're in the weight room to WORK & GET BETTER … period!!!
  • When you're done working, you're done … GET OUT of the weight room!!!
  • The abdominals & obliques workout is part of our "Core Structure Workout" and consists of 10 exercises that are done in sets of 25 (refer to QB Core Workout" link). The entire routine is done in its entirety … every rep, every set is done without stopping. This is done every other day.
  • All over range of motion is essential for a quarterback … not just the throwing arm. Focus more on shoulder rotation stretches … but, do not leave out the wrist and forearm. The core is extremely important in the throwing motion, especially when throwing on the run.
  • Your throwing will also be helped by hand and finger strength.
  • One of the things you can do is lay three sheets of newspaper on the floor to each side of you. Start by grabbing one sheet in the middle and crumple it completely into a ball… do three sets with one sheet only. You will note that the more pages you use at once, the tougher it becomes. As your grip gets stronger, you can progress to two sheets … then to three sheets. It will become very tough with three sheets.
  • The fact is … the best thing for your throwing is throwing.
Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"If you decide to attend private sessions or camps with Coach Aguilar, get ready for a tremendously informative and enlightening experience for your Quarterback."

Mark Preston, Parent - Abilene, Texas