Quote from Coach Aguilar

Powerful Mental Attitude

  • A single quarterback with a powerful attitude can impact team chemistry in an incredible way.
  • When quarterbacks see good in others and praise them for it … they are encouraging and building, not tearing down.
  • A quarterback can pass along his attitude and enthusiasm to an entire football team … it becomes contagious.
  • A QB being positive is essential to his success as a leader … and he will ultimately get back what he gives to others.
  • A quarterback must project a positive attitude and self-confidence in the huddle … otherwise all is lost.
  • The huddle is the place where the attitude of the quarterback is extremely important, as other players key off it. Always be positive, upbeat and focused … regardless of the circumstances.
  • Remain calm and focused. You also need to be encouraging, especially when things aren’t going well.
  • The quarterback has to take control of the huddle! He has to call a play with meaning! He has to say it strongly. He has to make them believe that that play he’s going to call is going to work! I know that it is friends among friends … but that separation has to be there.
  • Look your teammates in the eye, and using the LOMM principle … large, open, moving, mouth. It is important to enunciate in the huddle, speak clearly … don’t slur.
  • In dealing with talking or just slow gathering up … “Get in the huddle”, Huddle up”, “Listen up” will suffice most of the time.
  • A negative reaction can shatter your enthusiasm … which can be paralyzing. And in turn, your own attitude about your progress can sour.
  • Quarterbacks should avoid telling themselves negative things. There will be enough negativity coming their way from the world around them.
  • You have to find a way to put it all, good or bad … behind you. It’s part of the past. There’s nothing you can do about it. Everyone makes mistakes … learn what you can from them and move on. A quarterback’s mistakes are out there waiting to be seen. They might stay hidden until they’re pointed out by coaches on the morning after … so you better get used to it. In training for success, we shouldn’t hide from failure. We study failure every morning after every game. This is where it really helps to be your own #1 critic.
  • Pressure, in all of its many forms, good or bad … can thrust you into looking at something with a different and expanded point of view, or it can take you down into a pit of despair.
  • Any quarterback can have his confidence shaken by a series of mistakes or defeats … but no one can take his confidence away from him. Confidence is completely his to “give to himself”, and his to “take away”. If a quarterback has lost it, he simply has to find it again. He must get back to the fundamentals, those things he has developed confidence in doing well. Once he gets going again, he can start to take more chances, as long as he stays within his capabilities. Fundamentals will drive him as a quarterback!
  • Confidence is not magical … it’s factual and it’s about focus, repetition, hard work and the want to get better.
Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"The classroom session is as impressive as the actual skills taught out on the field. For a Quarterback, this could be the best investment he may ever make."

David Sanchez, Head Football Coach - United High School