Quote from Coach Aguilar


  • Our #1 goal is for Quarterbacks to leave with more confidence and a better understanding of the position.
  • They will leave with a practice routine, an improved throwing motion … and, feeling better feeling about themselves.
  • To offer a quality and inexpensive, two-day camp of intense one-on-one instruction on Quarterback techniques … with our focus placed on passing game skills.
  • To develop each quarterback to his fullest potential, and make certain all campers leave with a strong fundamental base.
  • Re-write muscular patterns … enhance muscle memory by repeating them over and over.
  • Develop each Quarterback to his fullest potential and to teach the fundamentals that are reinforced with hundreds of repetitions on both days.
  • For each Quarterback to leave knowing what skills he needs to focus on and the steps needed to successfully improve upon them.
  • Develop the intangibles … they impact results.

Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"I know first hand that he gives the greatest attention to detail. He instills that desire to be the best and for his Quarterbacks to be the best whether it's in football or in life. It should be a great honor for young kids to take advantage of his camp."

Sam Garza, Pro Scout - Dallas Cowboys