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Memo to Parents

It is with great pleasure that we invite you and your son to join my staff for two intense days of Quarterback instruction. As the Founder and Director of the Alamo City Quarterback Camp, I can assure you that your son will be immersed in a total Quarterback learning experience. This is an Elite Quarterback Camp and our purpose is to provide the most complete instruction available on Quarterback mechanics. To insure that we provide a high-level of quality interaction and instruction, we will only accept 40 Quarterbacks for each camp. Any additional slots thereafter will be left at our discretion, which will be based on securing proper match-ups by grade - to insure maximum benefit from the camp. Only serious and dedicated athletes should apply. This camp is limited in number so that each Quarterback receives individual attention and evaluation. It is designed for Quarterbacks entering their 7th grade through their senior years. It is strictly a non-contact TEACHING Camp. I expect the Alamo City Quarterback Camp to be one of the most productive experiences of your son's youth. Thank you for your interest in our camp, the football specialty camp that is dedicated entirely to Quarterbacks. This promises to be the most advanced skills camp available. We hope to have your son join us this summer to keep footballs in flight.

Coach Aguilar

Faithful To The Cause,

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Daniel S. Aguilar

Camp Founder and Director

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"Coach Aguilar's knowledge of Quarterback training mechanics, as well as so many of the little things we take for granted are simply awesome!"

Juan Castillo, Offensive Line Coach - Philadelphia Eagles