Quote from Coach Aguilar

First Things First

  • First Thing’s First … that’s the best way for a quarterback to prepare concentrating on the “Task at Hand”.
  • The best state of mind to be in is the present. As basic as it sounds, the principle of being in the moment is not taught in schools or at work.
  • “Business at Hand” provides a build-in-filter to reduce the distractions that would interfere with you doing what needs to get done. Furthermore, it offers direction and motivation and helps prioritize energy.
  • The key to staying calm is to develop concentration skills. As long as you are concentrating on what you are doing, and thinking about what you’ve got to do … it’s almost impossible for anything else to get into your head. You have to work at that kind of concentration.
  • Don’t get hurried, distracted or swayed from your purpose.
  • Tell yourself “FOCUS!!” if you feel your mind is wandering in practice. Focusing takes practice … just like any other skill.
  • Relaxation poise and concentration can all be learned … as with any other skill.
  • Movement on defense seems to slow down and perception becomes more vivid. The quarterback’s senses become intense and awake, as his mind becomes focused and clear. “Being in the Zone” is when quarterback’s potential is best realized, and his peak performance is deeply engaged in the moment.
  • In a game, after a certain amount of time … the stadium noise will fade out. You’ll hear certain things when you’re deep in concentration … in a zone. In most cases though, you will not hear the crowd.
  • What make outstanding performance under duress possible is the ability to “concentrate on the task at hand”, rather than reacting to the tension and the emotion of the situation … as in time remaining on the clock, the score, and people yelling in the stands. Inability to control our emotions or our thoughts results in a lack of concentration. We get nervous and tighten up. A great quarterback concentrating on his job will be much too engaged to think about anything other than what is happening in that moment.
Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"Coach Aguilar's knowledge of Quarterback training mechanics, as well as so many of the little things we take for granted are simply awesome!"

Juan Castillo, Offensive Line Coach - Philadelphia Eagles