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Director and Staff


Coach Daniel Aguilar is a former Quarterback Coach at Texas A & M University-Kingsville. He has been coaching Quarterbacks for over 40 years. Coach Aguilar has coached three Quarterbacks that went on to play in the NFL and two that played in the Arena League. He has worked and developed an impressive number of Division I and several Division II Quarterbacks. It is interesting to note that Coach Aguilar also coached a Defensive Back, who is currently, the starting Cornerback for the Washington Redskins. As the Founder and Director of the Alamo City Quarterback Camp, he can assure you that your son will be immersed in a total Quarterback experience.


Know for certain that initial and crucial instruction will come from Coach Aguilar himself. Furthermore, he places emphasis on quality and a low coach-to-player ratio that ensures that each player in attendance will receive the personal attention required to improve his skills. Our coaches are selected from quality high school programs. They coach the same level of players that they coach with their own teams. Each coach has proved his coaching proficiency in teaching the fundamentals of football and relating to players at all levels. We have found our teaching system to be highly effective. Every member of our staff takes pride in their ability to teach and develop quarterbacks, while providing a positive environment in the process.

Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"If you decide to attend private sessions or camps with Coach Aguilar, get ready for a tremendously informative and enlightening experience for your Quarterback."

Mark Preston, Parent - Abilene, Texas