Quote from Coach Aguilar

Check-in Process

  • Check-in will be held on the field. On the first day of camp ... please allow at least 15 minutes extra for the check-in process

  • Parking will vary by individual site.
  • Any citations received are the campers' responsibility.
  • Campers need to be picked up within 15 minutes of the camp end time. After that time, Camp Staff will no longer be avaliable to supervise campers.
  • An authorized early release permission note must be sent if camper will be leaving Camp early. The note must include:
  1. Campers Name
  2. Time and date the camper needs to leave.
  3. Permission for the camper to leave early by himself, if applicable.
  4. Signature of Parent/Legal Guardian.
  • In the event that your camper becomes ill or an emergency arises, the Camp Staff will make every effort to contact you or your listed emergency contact.

Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"Coach Aguilar offers a wealth of knowledge, countless drills, and quality instruction. The bottom line is that Coach Aguilar knows how to reach Quarterbacks, how to keep their attention and keep them motivated 365 days a year."

Joe Frank Martinez, Assistant Coach - Travis High School