Quote from Coach Aguilar

Camp Philosophy

  • All initial instruction on every single technique or drill is FIRST be heard from one voice ... Coach Aguilar.
  • Demonstration is used to teach all components and to insure clarity and understanding.
  • Quarterbacks should check with their coaches before practicing any new schedule.
  • Their coach is the #1 person in a Quarterback’s athletic life … his loyalty to his coach is critically important to his success.
  • The Alamo City Quarterback Camp is an affordable Camp that won’t destroy their coaching efforts and supports their loyalty to their coach.
  • Our Camp is designed to build coach loyalty into every Quarterback … and, equip him to have an immediate and positive impact.
  • The key to a successful Quarterback Camp is to teach the fundamentals and to repeat them over and over.
  • We conduct our Quarterback Camps in June … so, the quarterbacks have the rest of the summer to practice what they learned.
  • I personally organize every aspect of my camp.
  • I conduct private sessions in the months of January through July.

Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"Coach Aguilar's sincere commitment to kids is truly remarkable. He has developed a system for training Quarterbacks that is the best I've seen. If I could send our Quarterbacks to only one camp, it would be this one."

Jim Rackley, Head Football Coach - Converse Judson High School