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QB Weighted Ball Workout

The above work-out is an advanced schedule, and is just one of the Weighted Ball Workout routines that I use. Included are detailed coaching tips and scientific thoughts & principles involved in proper implementation of the program. It insures that the QB maintains arm strength throughout the off-season. In essence, it’s my way of forcing the QB to be more efficient in his movements and throwing pattern.

NOTICE: Information in this website about workouts, weight training, routines and fitness is intended only to supplement and support the guidelines provided by your coaches, trainers and/or medical professionals. Do not undertake any training program without consulting them. The Alamo City Quarterback Camp disclaims all liability in connection with the use of any prescribed workout routine.

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"Coach Aguilar is an excellent motivator with an abundance of positive energy and a calm demeanor that makes individuals want to learn and work hard no matter how difficult the drill. He is one of the area's best kept secrets."

Kevin L. Majors, Sr. - Parent