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Private Sessions


Private instruction is available for quarterbacks who desire a more individualized approach to the development of the quarterback position. Private sessions are committed to enhancing knowledge and performance. In addition, instruction is dedicated to providing maximum, intense and productive repetitions. Video Sessions are optional

Consider personalized training in the following areas:

  • Proper Throwing Mechanics
  • Dedicated to providing maximum and productive repetitions
  • Throwing with greater accuracy
  • Throwing a consistent spiral
  • Throwing with added power
  • Improving quickness on release
  • Perfecting footwork mechanics
  • Perfecting drops (set-up and pocket footwork mechanics)
  • Improving quickness through footwork training
  • Reading defensive coverages
  • Analysis evaluated on videotape
  • Improving option skills … if applicable
Contact Coach Aguilar for availability, appointment or additional information at:

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Training Site

Bernard Harris Middle School
5300 Knollcreek
San Antonio, TX 78247
Very close to 1604. Enter via Knollcreek, thru the gate that leads to the back of the school


Instruction from One Voice Information on the camp
"Coach Aguilar taught me the value of work ethic and the determination to succeed. He took a real interest in developing me as both a Quarterback and a leader. I still take that hard work ethic and determination with me."

Sam Garza, Pro Scout - Dallas Cowboys